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Our mission is to provide privileged access to meaningful vacation experiences at amazing discounts to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We want HopRocket to help you fulfill your dreams. That’s why we’re striving to become the world’s premier booking engine by enabling more people, just like you, to experience memorable vacations. It’s time to experience everything that life has to offer.

Want to get paid to travel?

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HopRocket to Venice, Italy
Up to 50% lower rates!

HopRocket's wholesale pricing STARTS with the lowest available online rate and goes DOWN from there! These are the rock bottom rates that other travel sites are MARKING UP to make their money. Thus, very deeply discounted rates are the standard and you'll never find a lower price!

HopRocket beach vacations
Super Discounted HopTrips!

HopTrips are special vacations that are steeply discounted even below the already rock bottom wholesale rate. These rockin deals put some of the world's most EXOTIC destinations within reach for pennies on the dollar... so dust off your luggage and get packing!

HopRocket to New York City
Special Daily Deals

Last minute excess inventory means SERIOUS discounts for you! Every day two heavily discounted specials are featured... everything from condos, cruises, hotels, or highly discounted vacation tours. So leave a bag packed and ready by the door... you'll need it!

Lowest Rate Guarantee

No other online travel site can beat HopRocket's rates!
Not... Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, Priceline, Trivago, or anyone else!
HopRocket offers the ONLY true wholesale rate on travel products.

HopRocket Features

Trial Memberships allow guests 14-days access to book travel at the low wholesale rates, no strings attached. There is no cap on the savings they can receive, purchasing BELOW the lowest available online price!

HopPoints are earned for every dollar Elite Members spend on enrollment and monthly fees. They can then be used (dollar for dollar) towards the allowable amount on special HopTrips, effectively making your membership free!

Rocket Rewards are a powerful and unique perk of being an Elite member. 10% of all commissions are paid as Rocket Rewards, which can be used dollar for dollar to purchase travel products. As an Elite member your Rocket Rewards can pile up fast!

Rewards Plan benefits with HopRocket are as exciting as they are lucrative! Huge incomes are possible for those interested in building a team and sharing the HopRocket product. But beyond the money, the travel rewards can change your fundamental lifestyle!

Make Money!

Rewards Plan

Building a massive income with HopRocket is as easy as simply telling others about it! Know other people who love to travel? Give them a Trial Membership to try HopRocket for themselves, plug them into our system, and you're on your way!

Membership Types

HopRocket is designed with mass appeal to both people who like to travel as well as those interested in creating a lucrative business. But it's especially appealing to people who want both: Serious income AND amazing world class vacations! Elite members have the ability to earn commissions from HopRocket. This is done by simply giving people a free Trial Members which provides them with Guest access to HopRocket and the ability to book travel at rates BELOW the lowest online price!


$120 $99.00/year

  • Access to the low HopRocket rate
  • One time fee for a full year
  • Never pay retail for travel again
  • Savings more than pays for the cost
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Total membership cost $1,007/year

  • Access to all products
  • Earn HopPoints for every dollar
  • Earn Rocket Rewards cash for travel
  • Make money, full compensation plan
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Premium Elite

Save $200/year on your membership

  • Access to all products
  • Earn HopPoints for every dollar
  • Earn Rocket Rewards cash for travel
  • Make money, full compensation plan
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Enroll 3 and YOU Pay Nothing!

When you enroll just 3 new Elite members...
Not only will you have earned back your entire Elite enrollment fee...
Your own monthly fee is covered as well!


Your Roadmap to Success!

Make Money & Make a Difference!

H.O.P.E Trips are Helping Other People Everywhere!
These are specially designed humanitarian trips by HopRocket...
It's our way of giving back, and you can participate as well!
Qualify to attend as you grow your business, and make the world a better place!
HopRocketTools Business Building System

Your "Unfair Advantage"

HopRocketTools - Business Building System!

HopRocket with HopRocketTools

Experience a state of the art turn-key HopRocket business building system available to you and each person who joins your team. Your secret to success!

Powerful Duplication
HopRocket Replicated Websites

You'll receive your very own series of personalized websites (just like this one!) to highlight the product and business to everyone you know!

Professional Websites
HopRocket Simple Success System

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3... Show a video, Share the product, then Invite people to watch a business presentation. Easy steps for anyone to be successful!

Turn Key Business
HopRocket Prospect Management

Manage customer and business prospects through our integrated system. Full training is included, plus leadership and direct ongoing team support!

Prospect Management System


Print Materials

Our system includes a full portfolio of professional print materials, customized for you and each member of your team! Business cards, flyers, banners, signs, and anything you will ever need!

HopRocket Print Materials